boxing club is one of the most successful clubs in Ireland. It has the full support of the local community and strives to continue to be one of the best boxing clubs in Dublin and Ireland for many years to come.
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Training times

                Monday                Wednesday                      Thursday


Juniors 5:30- 7:00 PM          5:30- 7:00 PM                  5:30- 7:00 PM                                  


Seniors  7:00-8:30 PM         7:00-8:30 PM                x   7:00- 8:30 PM


Saturday mornings and afternoons Junior and Senior track work.

Sunday - Senior Circut Trianing

Additional training sessions and sparring sessions are catered for week by week at varying times to facilitate those entering tournaments and those training for competitions.



St Matthews’s boxing club is not just a boxing club to me and I would wager the majority of people who have come through its doors would testify to the magic it holds. To illustrate this I would like to note my own personal experience of overcoming peoples doubts.

I came to the club at nine years of age, against medical advice as doctors had told my parents I would need some degree of care for the rest of my life as I had chronic asthma.  Much of my early childhood had been spent in and out of children’s hospital and I had oxygen masks placed in my home, which I had to take regularly to help me perform what many children of my age would and should take for granted, breathing.
I was determined to box and my family wanted to give me every possible chance to lead a normal life. The magic began when I met Stephen Maher who was a coach at St Matthew’s at the time.  It was very fortunate for me that Stephen was a trainer, as Stephen’s mother had severe asthma also and Stephen had undertook personal studies on the condition.

Robert Murray

I worked constantly on building up my lung capacity and Stephen offered a great deal of help. By the age of 16 I had fully overcome the condition and went on to box around the world with the Irish Senior Amateur boxing team. From there I went on to have a successful professional career retiring undefeated as an Irish Professional boxing champion. I have now took over Stephen’s position as club manager and treasurer and if I can give half the contribution that Stephen has to boxing in the community I will have achieved everything.

The young people who come to the gym are given full support encouragement and belief even when the world outside doubts them.  St Matthew’s great coaches and members prepared to give the time and help to anyone who joins the club.  St Matthews is not just about making champions it’s about making champions of individuals and now as the Club manager, Treasurer administrator and coach I try to help people the way I was helped. 

Our team of coaches and committee members do everything possible to help our members.  With great coaches like Stephen Maher, Steven Murray, Patrick Murrary, Liam Murphy, Christy Merideth & Philip Rooney, members are in good hands in helping to achieve the best from themselves. 


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